Benchmark thyme is sold in bulk for use by toiletries companies and aromatherapy practitioners around the world

Benchmark thyme is used in toiletries products ; for animal treatments ; to disinfect the air ; in the care of wounds ; as well as for personal health issues

 - New Dawn Handmade Soaps, based in the UK,  has received excellent feedback from customers who have benefited from using products incorporating Benchmark Thyme.   click here to be taken to their site 

A lovely range of skincare products, incorporating Benchmark thyme, has been created by enthusiast, Joni,  in the USA.  Follow the link to the home page and click on THYME COLLECTION

- -Avila Aromatics (USA) have created a really lovely product containing Benchmark thyme. Fortress is a traditional balm to be rubbed into the soles of the feet after exposure to illness or when the weather brings on colds and flu.  click here to be taken to the site

please scroll down to read feedback from aromatherapists and individuals :

1. '.....I recently used Benchmark Thyme and juniper berry in aloe vera gel for a horse who had been fighting thrush for 14 years unsuccessfully. His thrush cleared with just 3 applications!  His owner was thrilled..If you would like to try the recipe, it is:-

 60mls (2 ozs) Aloe Vera gel
15 drops Juniper berry oil
30 drops Benchmark Thyme
apply 3 x daily as needed.  '  Earth Sweet Essential Oils.

2. ....As air disinfectant - blend with lighter oils such as lemon, bergamot, palmarosa and add to vaporiser / diffuser / nebuliser.

As hand sanitizer - 1% dilution in aloe vera gel (that is 2 drops in 10ml aloe vera)

General cleaning - blend with lighter oils such as lemon, etc and add to small bucket of water, for mopping the floor or curtains of a sick room.

Asia Pacific Aromatherapy, Hong Kong

3. .... I use this oil to help heal stubborn wounds.

Diffuse during cold or flu season to kill germs in the air.

Use in a spray bottle to wipe down counter tops, telephones and doorknobs or to spray over bedding.

4. One US therapist has used this oil in blends for clients fighting MRSA and stubborn, slow healing wounds and has seen great success.  One diabetic client in particular had trouble with staph infections on his arms that would not heal. He had been exposed to many years of antibiotics and no longer responded to them. Benchmark Thyme in his wound healing blend worked beautifully and he was able to get all of the sores to heal.'  
 Inshanti Wellness

5. Benchmark thyme has been used successfully by a someone who suffers from cystic fibrosis.  Mika writes a blog about the search for natural products that might offer help with the condition. You can read the blog at

Benchmark Thyme